Art Proven = The art of provenance using blockchain

Protecting artists, art buyers, and art sellers by permanently preserving the authenticity and provenance of art using blockchain technology.

Making life better for...


We protect your intellectual property from unauthorized copying, fraud and art hijacking while ensuring you are recognized for your hard work. We provide opportunities to secure more commissioned work.

Art Buyers and Collectors

Our platform allows you to directly engage with artists. The platform automatically tracks the provenance of work displayed for sale and ensures its authenticity.

Art Galleries and Museums

We create a permanent digital record of artwork, helping you to track and maintain the work's identity through different phases of its life. Our technology provides you full knowledge of displayed artwork’s provenance events.

The Art Community

We are revolutionizing the art industry by creating a robust community where art counterfeits are easily detected, artists’ intellectual property rights are tracked and monetized, and a permanent digital record of art identity is created.

What our customers are saying

Hannah Emmett
Art Proven is creating revolutionary technology in the best interest of artists all over the world. They want to protect the Intellectual Property Rights of artists, no matter if they're famous or just an emerging freelancer like me, and they want to help us find work for proper pay. I am a supporter of Art Proven because I know through first-hand experience they are a supporter of me.

Moya Sharma
I highly support the work of Art Proven, as I find this a wonderful outlet for creative individuals to promote their work, all while protecting the artists' intellectual property! This ensures that more creative inspiration and passion for the arts is thoroughly enjoyed by all!